Funny, romantic and with an irresistible irreverent streak that makes you smile but also reflect: “Tootsie” will be one of Massimo Romeo Piparo’s new shows on stage in the next Italian theater season. After the incredible successes of recent months – from “Matilda” to “Cats”, to “Billy Elliot”, up to the inauguration in Milan of the amazing Sistina Chapiteau and the triumphant return of “Jesus Christ Superstar” with Anggun – a new Musical arrives destined to win the hearts of viewers.

Based on the famous 1982 film with Dustin Hoffman, directed by Sidney Pollack, with music and lyrics by Tony Award winner David Yazbek (already the author of another great success such as “The Full Monty”), “Tootsie” is classified in the list drawn up by ‘American Film Institute as one of the best comedies of all time and acclaimed as “Broadway’s Funniest New Musical!” (The New York Post). “Tootsie” also received 11 nominations for the Musical Oscar (Tony Award), including Best Musical and Best Original Score. In Italy the show, produced by PeepArrow Entertainment in collaboration with the Sistina Theatre, will be performed by Paolo Conticini, already the protagonist of successes such as “Mamma Mia!” and “The Full Monty.” With him also Enzo Iacchetti, who finally returns to musicals after the great personal success achieved in the role of Zazà in “Il Vizietto”.

“Tootsie” tells the story of Michael Dorsey (Paolo Conticini), a good actor with a particular talent… that of not being able to keep a job! Dejected and unemployed, Michael decides to make a last, desperate attempt to make his dreams come true: he shows up at an audition for a musical about Romeo and Juliet disguised as an actress with the name of Dorothy Michaels and, after an excellent performance, wins it. In a meteoric rise to Broadway stardom, Michael (disguised as Dorothy) soon becomes an actress beloved by audiences. It doesn’t take long before his friend and roommate Jeff (Enzo Iacchetti), a shrewd and experienced writer who manages a restaurant to survive, puts him face to face with reality, making him realize that maintaining that success “as an actress” will be much more difficult than he hope.

With its fast pace and engaging music, “Tootsie” is a brilliant comedy full of twists and turns, which amiably pokes fun at the entire world of showbusiness with its distorted dynamics in which “deserve” and “shortcut” often they get confused. But Michael’s story also offers the opportunity to stop and reflect on important themes, such as love and the relationship between the sexes, the identity and role of women in society, genius and the courage to take risks to earn a ‘opportunity to stand out. The final phrase that the chameleonic Dustin Hoffman addresses to his beloved in a desperate attempt to “justify” her exchange of identities is famous: “I was a better man as a ‘woman’ than I was as a ‘man'”.