Peep Arrow Entertainment is the leading musical production company in Italy, with  international experience, founded by artistic director Massimo Romeo Piparo. Since its foundation in 1994, the company – which has managed the Teatro Sistina in Rome since 2013 – has based its success on the innovative and emotional vision of director Massimo Romeo Piparo and on the talent and professional skills of its Italian creative team.

The list of successful productions is enormous and the numbers are impressive: from classic Italian musical comedies to adaptations of the most successful Broadway and West End titles, among others, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, a new, totally revised stage version of the masterpiece by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice, “Evita”, “Tommy”, “My Fair Lady”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “Billie Holiday’s Lady Day”, “High Society”, “Hairspray”, “Smetti di piangere Penelope”, “Rinaldo in campo”, “La Cage aux Folles”, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, “The Sound of Music”, “Billy Elliot”, “We Will Rock You” “Mamma Mia!”, “ School of Rock”, “The Full Monty”, “Cats” and “Matilda”. Massimo Romeo Piparo’s shows have featured extraordinary performers together with highly appreciated Italian and international stars, becoming the country’s top-grossing production company over the last ten years.

Masterpiece of PeepArrow Ent. are the 2014 edition of the 40th anniversary of Jesus Christ Superstar, with the reunion of the original film cast with Ted Neeley, Yvonne Elliman, Barry Dennen, and the 2 subsequent editions – 2016 and 2018 – of this Rock Opera at the ARENA in Verona , the open-air temple of the Opera.


In the 2023-24, PeepArrow Entertainment produces in association with Il Sistina the musical “Matilda”, based on one of the most beloved books for three generations: the famous children’s novel by Roald Dahl. The Italian version of the musical is signed by Massimo Romeo Piparo, with libretto by Dennis Kelly and the magnificent music and lyrics by Tim Minchin and has won over 50 awards around the world, enjoying great international success with audiences and critics. A cast of many extraordinary teenagers with Luca Ward in the role of Trinciabue, The Pozzolis Family in the roles of Matilda’s parents. Choreographed by Billy Mitchell and musical direction by Emanuele Friello.


In the 2022, PeepArrow Entertainment produces the musical “Cats”. For the first time in the world, the show has obtained authorization from the author to be set in Rome, a city well known throughout the world for its cat colonies and for the particular love towards this domestic animal which has now become the life companion of many families. The musical features an exceptional performer on stage in the role of Grizabella: the Italian music star Malika Ayane.


In the 2020, PeepArrow Entertainment was busy with the production of the musical “We will rock you” starring the international rock star Anastasia. The show, in co-production with TEC International, debuted in Amsterdam, Holland, and continued its tour in several European countries.


In the 2019, PeepArrow Entertainment produced a new edition of the musical “The Full Monty” wich debuts with important Italian artists such as Paolo Conticini, Luca Ward, Gianni Fantoni, Jonis Bascir and Nicolas Vaporidis.


In March 2018, the new musical by Massimo Romeo Piparo, “School of Rock”, debuts in Italy, a large all-Italian production for the first time in a non-English language, produced in collaboration with Il Sistina. The protagonist of the show, also on tour in the 2019-2020 season in the most important Italian theatres, was Lillo, alias Pasquale Petrolo, with a large cast of 13 child musicians/performers with 3 live bands. The show is also on tour in the 2019-2020 season.
Also in 2018, the comedy “Belle Ripiene” debuted, produced with Il Sistina, with 4 important Italian actresses such as Rossella Brescia, Tosca D’Aquino, Roberta Lanfranchi and Samuela Sardo.


In 2017 PeepArrow produced a new version of the musical Mamma Mia!, adapted and directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo, in coproduction with Teatro Sistina and licensed by Music Theatre International (Europe).

With an exceptional cast starring Luca Ward, Paolo Conticini, Sergio Muniz, Sabrina Marciano, supported by Laura di Mauro, Elisabetta Tulli, Jacopo Sarno, Eleonora Facchini, 30 performers and a live orchestra, the top-grossing international musical still represented on tour in the most important Italian theatres.


Produced by PeepArrow, in 2016 the first Italian version of the musical “Evita” has been staged, starring a special guest: the Italian singer Malika Ayane as Evita Peron.

In addition to many awards obtained, in 2016 Peep Arrow has won in Hollad the MUSICALWORLD AWARDS as Best International Musical with “Jesus Christ Superstar”.


In 2015, Elton John allowed Peep Arrow to adapt and translate into Italian the musical “Billy Elliot”: this is the first time such musical has been produced entirely in Italy and the script hasn’t been written in English language. The show opens for the first time in Rome, at the Teatro Sistina, starring the little kid Alessandro Frola as Billy Elliot, together with a talented cast and a live orchestra, followed by a long-running Italian tour.

In the same year, Peep Arrow is also engaged for the executive production of the Italian musical “Il Marchese del grillo” featuring Enrico Montesano, a production by the Teatro Sistina in collaboration with MF Produzioni.


PeepArrow, in collaboration with Teatro Sistina, in December 2014 produces the musical “Tutti insieme appassionatamente” (“The sound of Music”), casting the experienced couple of actors Luca Ward and Vittoria Belvedere, in the roles of Capitain Von Trapp and the charismatic Maria. An endless fairytale, set in Austria during the 30’s,  where love and family win it all; a musical characterised by a noticeable cast, including 7 super-talented kids.

Still, in 2014 Massimo Romeo Piparo directs a special-event version of “Jesus Christ Superstar”, involving in the cast Ted Neeley – legendary Jesus interpreter in the original movie – supported by Simona Molinari, Shal Shapiro and the Italian rockband “I Negrita” with the frontman Pau in the role of Pilato. Later, the show has been mounted again and has visited the Arena of Verona, Rome and Milan with an exclusive cast that, besides Ted Neeley, features other 2 leading characters of the original movie: Yvonne Elliman as Maddalena and Barry Dennen as Pilato.

Applauded even by Tim Rice, the version, still with Ted Neeley, in 2015 – 2016 opens a tour in both Italy and Europe, with sold-out encore performances. In season 2016-2017-2018, another “Jesus Christ Superstar” tour has been launched, visiting Holland, Belgium, Bulgary, Spain and Italy with the cast still starring Ted Neeley.


With a cast starring Flavio Montrucchio (as Adamo) and Roberta Lanfranchi (as Milly), in 2014 “Sette spose per sette fratelli” (“Seven brides for seven brothers”)makes its debut at the Teatro Sistina, running tours for 2 years all-over Italy. A timeless story of the Pontepee’s, rowdy woodsmen coming from Oregon who, thanks to Molly’s help, become perfect gentlemen and get married to the felt-in-love girls in town.


PeepArrow production opened “The Full monty” show in January 2013. A cast starring notoriuos Italian players has been engaged to perform the unmissable ending striptease: Paolo Calabresi, Gianni Fantoni, Sergio Muniz, Paolo Ruffini, Jacopo Sarno and Pietro Sermonti.


La Cage aux Folles” is the 70’s full-of-glamor heartwarming love-story settled in a very “special” club of the Costa Azzurra. It is a happy-ending passionate true love story, full of sensational coup de théâtre, with music by Jerry Herman (“Hello Dolly” and “Zia Mame”) and impeccable script written by Jean Poiret.
The 2011/2012 show’s leading roles have been interpreted by Massimo Ghini (as Zazà) and Cesare Bocci (as Renato). The 2012/2013 edition stars Enzo Iacchetti (as Zazà) and Marco Columbro (as Renato).

Still, in season 2011/2012, Massimo Romeo Piparo directs and mounts, for the Teatro Sistina, the remake of the musical comedy “RINALDO IN CAMPO” by Garinei & Giovannini, with songs by Domenico Modugno, in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unità d’Italia (the celebration of the unification of Italy). Artistic direction is by Massimo Romeo Piparo.

2012/2013 “My Fair Lady” is staged, a co-production with Teatro Sistina directed by Gianmario Longoni: one of the most appreciated classics in the musical history starring Vittoria Belvedere (as Eliza Doolittle) and Luca Ward (as Mr. Higgins), with Aldo Ralli (as Alfred Doolittle) and Enrico Baroni (as Col. Pickering).


Massimo Romeo Piparo changed the way of interpreting the “Musical opera” in Italy, proposing the real musical, which involves a live-orchestra and a progressive-action development through singing dialogs, music and dance.

The 2011 production is marked with an all-female brilliant comedy: “SMETTI DI PIANGERE PENELOPE!” that, after the tremendous success obtained in Paris, arrives in Italy for the first time. The Massimo Romeo Piparo adapted and directed version of “Smetti di piangere Penelope!” brings on stage one of the most contemporary topic of the womankind: “Il mio orologio biologico ha deciso: io faccio un figlio, chi c’è…c’è” (“The body clock’s decided for me: I’ll have a baby, no matter who’s with me!”). The cast stars Tosca D’Aquino, Nicoletta Romanoff (2010/2011 season), Roberta Lanfranchi (2011/2012 season) and Samuela Sardo.


In 2010/2011, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of “Jesus Christ Superstar”, the most famous rock opera of all-times, Piparo involves an exclusive cast: Matteo Becucci, Simona Bencini, Mario Venuti, Paride Acacia and, as special guest, the italian singer Max Gazzè.

Not only the production aims to “grow” and launch new young talented singers and actors, but also features the participation of international stars. Besides the memorable Carl Anderson and the already-mentioned Amii Stewart, also appreciated as performer of Ennio Morricone and Nicola Piovani’s music, other notable cast members were Jaime Rogers, choreographer and dancer in “West Side Story” movie, Sebastien Torkia, Rocky Roberts and Bob Simon.

This last one, for several years, has been performing “Frank-N-Furter” in the world-famous musical “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.  During the Italian tour of “Rocky Tour 2000”, he gains the leading roles in “La febbre del Sabato Sera” (“Saturday Night Fever”), “Evita” e “Jesus Christ Superstar”. In 2002 he was nominated for  two “Italian Musical Awards”: as best actor in “Evita” and as best co-lead actor in “La febbre del Sabato Sera” (“Saturday Night Fever”): it is exactly the role of Dj Monty that made him win the award.


2007 is the year of “Alta Societa” (“High Society”) with Vanessa Incontrada: an Italian premiere of a performance already played in Brodway and London West End stages.

The theatrical season 2008/2009 is marked with two new musicals: the Italian version of “Hairspray” with Giovanna D’Angi and Stefano Masciarelli, that was nominated “Best musical of the year” in London and Broadway, as well as “Cenerentola” (“Cinderella”) performed by Roberta Lanfranchi, Antonio Cupo, with the amazing music by Rodgers& Hammerstein.


In 2006 “La febbre del sabato sera” (“Saturday Night Fever”) has been put on stage with a cast featuring the famous instructors by “Ballando con le stelle” (“Dancing with the Stars”), a lucky Italian tv program, whose author and artistic director is Massimo Piparo. This musical has runned in many Italian theatres and arenas gaining a lot of success.


In 2003 a unique musical based on great Billie Holiday’s life was staged: “Lady Day, la regina dello swing” (“Lady Day”), written and directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo, starring Amii Stewart.


In 2001 three musicals were running in some of the most important Italian theatres: “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Evita” and “La febbre del sabato sera” (“Saturday Night Fever”). Furthermore, the Italian audience has been thrilled by “La Febbre del sabato Sera” (“Saturday Night Fever”), based on the original 70’s cult-movie starring John Travolta, with the vibrant music by the Bee Gees.


In 1998 Massimo Romeo Piparo staged “Tommy” (“The Who’s Tommy”), the non-conformist musical written by Pete Townshend of “The Who”. In 1999 Piparo staged “My fair Lady”.


Massimo Romeo Piparo commitment to theatrical production starts in 1994 with “Jesus Christ Superstar” by Webber and Rice: a musical that has been run up-to-now with several different settings in both Italy and abroad, winning several awards and honours, achieving roaring success of audience and critics.

Between the several performances of “Jesus Christ Superstar”, in the 1999’s one, Piparo involves an exceptional cast: the great Carl Anderson playing Judas (the same role he performed in the movie directed by Norman Jewison) and the awesome Amii Stewart interpreting Mary Magdalene.

The musical wins the “Bob Fosse – Targa R. Rascel special award” for the staging set. In 2000, the Great Jubilee year, “Jesus Christ Superstar” obtained a formal acknowledgment from the Holy See, and the actors  Carl Anderson, Olivia Cinquemani (as Mary Magdalene) and Paride Acacia (as Jesus) have been received by Pope Giovanni Paolo II

The musical wins the “Bob Fosse – Targa R. Rascel special award” for the staging set. In 2000, the Great Jubilee year, “Jesus Christ Superstar” obtained a formal acknowledgment from the Holy See, and the actors  Carl Anderson, Olivia Cinquemani (as Mary Magdalene) and Paride Acacia (as Jesus) have been received by Pope Giovanni Paolo II.


Direzione Artistica: Massimo Romeo Piparo

Nel 1995: Direttore Artistico del Teatro Greco di Tindari.
Dal 2000 al 2004: Direttore Artistico del Teatro Nazionale di Milano.
Nel Giugno 2005: Direttore Artistico del Teatro Stabile di Messina.
Nel 2010/2011: Direttore Artistico del “Tindari Festival 2010”.
Dal 2013: Direttore Artistico del “Teatro Sistina”.